The Intelligence Support Center (ISC)

The HIDTA Program emphasis in sharing. Intelligence and information sharing is viewed with such importance that each HIDTA must have a one primary intelligence and information sharing initiative or investigative support center (ISC).

The ISC is designed to develop intelligence, share information, and provide analytical and technical support to the enforcement initiatives. The ISC is staffed by representatives of participating agencies who have direct onsite access to their agencies’ information databases. The HIDTA program’s emphasis on information sharing goes beyond HIDTA initiatives: HIDTA participants are encouraged to share their threat assessments, deconfliction processes, and criminal intelligence with any appropriate agency. The sharing of information with agencies participating in other regional HIDTA programs also is encouraged.

The mission of the PRVI-ISC is to facilitate the timely exchange of information from federal, state, local, HIDTA, and commercial databases with all HIDTA initiatives and participating law enforcement agencies. Strategic and tactical intelligence is collected, analyzed, and disseminated in support of drug trafficking, money laundering, drug-related firearms trafficking, and drug-related violent crime investigations.