Training Mission: The HIDTA program Training Mission derives from the HIDTA program goal to “Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HIDTA Initiatives.” Selective training opportunities, provided in support of HIDTA initiatives and law enforcement agencies within the HIDTA program, will contribute directly toward accomplishing this goal.  

HIDTA program funds are invested in training and related activities. Training makes a significant contribution to drug law enforcement, treatment, and prevention initiatives, and it is made available not only to agencies participating in the HIDTA program, but also to all law enforcement agencies in the respective regions.

PRVI HIDTA Trainings

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These are some of the trainings the PR-USVI HIDTA’s Training Initiative has to offer.

  • Marine Interdiction Course
  • Search Warrant
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst 1
  • Psychological Well-being and Emotional Stability Level 1 and 2
  • Search Warrant & Terry Stop
  • First Responders & Fentanyl Awareness Training: 1st Group
  • REID Techniques Course
  • Operational and Strategic Analysis of Drug
  • Trafficking Investigations
  • First Responder & Fentanyl Awareness Training: 2nd Group